At The Law Offices of Ilona Antonyan, APC, our MISSION is to aggressively preserve what can be preserved, protect what can protected, and help secure what’s important to you: family, finances, and assets.

Attorney Ilona Antonyan, CFLS is an aggressive and knowledgeable Certified Family Law Specialist. Certified Family Law Specialists are experts in family law.

Only 1,209 out of 177,960 active California attorneys are certified in family law. That’s .0067%.

To obtain this title, attorneys must meet rigid requirements, and pass a specialized examination through the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization. Not every San Diego lawyer can call them-self an expert in family law.

Having a good attorney from the start is known to make a tremendous difference. It will save you a lot of grief and the divorce will go much smoother with less regrets than otherwise. We provide advice on how to “set the right stage” from the beginning so nothing backfires on you in court if it ends up there. We minimize the risk and prejudice to your financial or custody interests.

It is important to seek independent legal advice. Having your own attorney is more effective than both parties seeing one neutral mediator. Dual representation often leads to one spouse’s unknowing surrender of their community share or assets. The cost is about the same, but you get legal advice tailored to your needs. If you and your spouse agree on the terms, we help settle your case. However, if it’s a battle, we know how to fight and win.

At The Law Office of Ilona Antonyan, APC it is our job to protect you and your children during this turbulent time. We are your weapon in court, and your friend for life.

Our attorneys and staff strive to remain in close contact with our clients to answer your questions in a timely manner. We are located at Symphony Towers in downtown San Diego, near Freeway 5 and 163. We look forward to meeting you or speaking with your soon. Please call (619) 696-1100.

  • Divorce

    Stress, frustration, relief, confusion, fear, loneliness, and sadness, are only a few feelings you may be experiencing while going through a divorce. You need a patient, empathetic, strong lawyer by your side who is an expert in family law. Attorneys at The Law Office of Ilona Antonyan, APC, are experienced, knowledgeable, compassionate, and aggressive. Read More
  • High Net Worth Divorce

    Our experienced Certified Family Law Specialist has handled many high net worth divorces to help reach a fair settlement. Privacy and client confidentiality are critically maintained by our firm.We build effective strategies concerning thecharacterization and valuation of assets for the high net worth clients. Our firm works with a broad range of experts in accounting, asset valuation, business appraisers, vocational evaluators, and other key experts to maximize your recovery.
    Read More
  • Spousal Support / Alimony

    At our Law Office of Ilona Antonyan, APC, one of our San Diego divorce attorneys will help you maximize your spousal support recovery or minimize your spousal support obligation. Both men and women qualify for spousal support in San Diego. It depends on who earns more money. There is no specific time one must be married to receive spousal support in San Diego, California. Spousal support can be awarded even in a short term marriage.Read More
  • Pre-Nuptial And Maritial Agreements

    The Law Office of Ilona Antonyan, APC works with couples that wish to establish the terms of a settlement agreement either before or after they are married. California law recognizes three types of agreements affecting marital rights and obligations:Read More
  • Property Division (Assets and Debts)

    Characterizing the status of property interests as “community,” “quasi-community”, or “separate” is the starting point for the resolution and division of marital assets.
    All property acquired by a married person during the marriage (no matter where situated) is considered community property. Cal. Family Code §760. Each spouse has a 50% ownership interest in community property.
    Read More
  • Legal Separation

    Legal Separation is an alternative to the Dissolution of Marriage proceeding. The processes are very similar, and the grounds to seek either one are the same.
    The difference is that the Legal Separation does not terminate the marital status. Parties remain married in name only and cannot re-marry until they file for divorce.Read More
  • Annulment

    The Nullity of Marriage proceeding attacks the validity for marriage for reasons existing at the time of marriage. See Family Code §2200.
    Some marriages are void as a matter of law, such as incestuous or bigamous marriages.Read More
  • Domestic Partnerships

    Domestic Partners have been able to register their partnership in California since 01/01/2000. Effective 01/01/2005, the California Domestic Partnership Rights and Responsibilities Act (“DPA”), provides the registered partners the similar same rights, protections, and benefits, as well as duties and obligations as the married couples. Cal. Family Code §297.5. Read More
  • Same Sex Divorce

    On March 26, 2013 the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments regarding California’s Proposition 8 ban on the same-sex marriage. The decision is expected at the end of June 2013. We hope the ban is lifted, and believe that ALL people should enjoy the same civil liberties!Read More
  • Paternity

    You have seen it on the Maury Povich show “Who Is the Baby’s Daddy?” There is a better way. Come talk to one of our paternity experts before you are on the hook to pay child support for the next 18 years.
    After raising the child it is painful to find out years later it is not yours. Either she finally tells you, or the bio dad appears out of the blue and demands his rights.Read More
  • Child Custody / Visitation

    Disputes over custody of children and visitation are naturally the most litigated matters in family courts. We fight for the best interests of your kids. Custody cases are often complex and many details must be learned about you and your situation to effectively present the best solution and evidence to the Judge.Read More
  • Child Support

    California Family Code §3901, requires that both parents support their children until the child reaches age 18, or 19 if the child is a full time high school student and did not yet graduate.
    If the child is disabled then the duty to support an incapacitated adult child continues past the age of majority. Cal. Family Code §3910.Read More
  • Move-Away Requests

    The Law Office of Ilona Antonyan, APC helped hundreds of clients prevent move-aways or get permission to leave the state with their children.Different standards apply to move away cases, depending on whether the move-away is requested after there is a final custody Judgment or before. The court must apply the “best interest” rule rather than the “changed circumstances” rule to a move-away request when there has been no final custody judgment.Read More
  • Stepparent Adoptions

    If you have a child from another relationship, and your new spouse wants to adopt your son or daughter, we can help you with the Stepparent Adoption. In determining whether to grant the petition in a stepparent adoption, the judge must consider the best interests of the child.Read More
  • Domestic Violence

    Family Court judges may issue Temporary Restraining Orders when there are reasonable grounds to believe that the person is in immediate and present danger of domestic violence. Cal. Fam. Code §6250(a). It is easy to get one, and more difficult to defend against it.Read More
  • Restraining Orders

    There are several kinds of restraining orders The Law Office of Ilona Antonyan can help you get or defend against:
    Orders available under the Domestic Violence Prevention Act.
    Emergency Protective Orders.Read More
  • Post Judgment Modifications

    Often the financial situation of one or the other party changes after the Divorce or Legal Separation has been finalized by way of a Marital Settlement Agreement or Judgment.
    As soon things change you need to speak with us to learn about your rights. The following examples can increase or decrease your support interests:Read More
  • Contempt of Court

    At the Law Office of Ilona Antonyan, APC, our San Diego divorce attorneys are experienced in prosecuting or defending contempt actions.
    Contempt means violation of an existing court order. It is a semi-criminal proceeding punishable by imprisonment or fine. The court may use its contempt powers to enforce family law orders.Read More